I implemented a dynamic form based on this tutorial. I'd like to add simple text inputs and a custom component (Mapbox GL JS) to a dynamic form.

My problem is that I can not access the Mapbox data. The Mapbox component implements a ControlValueAccessor but I don't know how to pass the information to the form.

I created a StackBlitz where you can find my setup: https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-xrkftm

My goal was to display the form information (text input and Mapbox marker location) below the form.

I don't know where to add [formControlName]="config.name". Currently it's in the map.component.ts but I guess it needs to be implemented on the parent component.


There are several errors on load: I could fix some of them. In DynamicFormComponent you should use your config to create all the controls:

 createGroup() {
    const group = this.fb.group({});
    this.config.forEach(control => {
      group.addControl(control.name, this.createControl(control))
    return group;

MapComponent: you should write the result back into the form

 _onChange = (geometry: any) => {
     this.group.patchValue({[this.config.name]: this.geometry});

However some error still exists, check console. If you change map.component.html to:

    <label>{{ config.label }}</label>
    <div #map class="map"></div>

all error disappears, since it is not a valid angular value accessor.

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