I'm trying to make a Choropleth map filling some polygons from local GeoJson using an expression for fill-color property:

map.addSource("buildings", {
    type: "geojson",
    data: "test2.geojson"

    "id": "buildingsBoundaries",
    "type": "fill",
    "source": "buildings",
    "paint": {

        "fill-color": [
            ['get', 'testValue'],
            10, '#F2F12D',
            20, '#CA8323',
            30, '#723122'

        "fill-opacity": 0.5

I got an error:

Error: layers.buildingsBoundaries.paint.fill-color: color expected, array found

But everything works using the technique with stops:

'fill-color': {
    property: 'testValue',
    stops: [[10, '#F2F12D'], [20, '#CA8323'], [30, '#723122']]

Could somebody say what am I doing wrong? Here is my working Plnkr

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