I created android app and it is working fine. The issue is that when we decompile the app we can see all the code, so hacker can see our API URL and API Classes so they can clone the app.

So my question is that how can I secure my android app so I can protect it from hackers.


You can use DexGuard. Protecting Android applications and SDKs against reverse engineering and hacking.DexGuard offers extensive customization options to enable you to adapt the applied protection to your security and performance requirements.DexGuard prevents attackers from gaining insight into your source code and modify it or extract valuable information from it.

ProGuard is a generic optimizer for Java bytecode. DexGuard is a specialized tool for the protection of Android applications.

Read Dexguard-vs-Proguard


You can use ProGuard Tools to secure your code. It's renamed the remaining classes, fields, and methods using short meaningless names.


you can use proguard which is by default provided by the Android studio while creating sign apk you can refer below document for that

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UgEZtKRoAIIXtPLKKHIds33txgU7hH33-3xsoBR4lWY/edit?usp=sharing


The API endpoints will always be open to end-users . But If you use the https and SSL in your api server the data will become encrypted like most of the apps. As for the API end-points, you can-not do anything


i found a website JavaDecompiler that will help you to decompile app. and the output of my research is there is no way to provide 100% code security. so what we can do for get accuracy is that put condition at frontend and backend both side.

and i had tried for dexguard but it was expensive for me and also proguard is not working well for me.

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