In main component i use switch

function Router(props) {

    return (<main>
            <Route exact path='/prices/'
                   render={(props) => <PricesPage {...props} />}
            <Route path="/prices/add/"
                   render={(props) => <PriceGroupAddFormConnected {...props}/>}

And in one of PricesPage children i define route to render a dialog


function PricesPage(props) {

    return (<Child/>) 


function Child(props) {

    return (
            <><Route exact path="/prices/dialog" component={Dialog}/>


And in child1 i define a Link.


function Child1(props) {

    return (
            <Link to="/prices/dialog"/>)


Expected: when link changed -> dialog is opened

Current: link changed, but dialog is'not opening. But then i define route in main component, it works, however i need to keep other children components under dialog, so it is not enough


When you hit /prices/, your route /prices/dialog is created because it's in a child component of <PricesPage>. But, when you go to /prices/dialog, your route /prices/dialog is unload because /prices/dialog don't match exactly /prices/ neither than /prices/add/.

You have 2 options:

  1. Remove the exact key on <Route path='/prices/' render={(props) => <PricesPage {...props} />}. So when you hit /prices/dialog, you'll have both /prices/ component and /prices/dialog component rendered (same for /prices/add/)
  2. Add your route /prices/dialog in your Router aside your other routes /prices/ and /prices/add/

I recommend the 2nd one if you need separate render and 1st one if you can have multiple render at the same time.

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