This is my first time working on angular web components. I tried many online tutorial and even video tutorials, I see that the examples discussed in the tutorial are of the angular 5/6/7 versions but can't find example or tutorial for angular 8.

Like on npm run build in Angular 5/6/7 versions it would generate this files :


but in Angular 8 it generates this files:


I tried these tutorials Web Components with angular

Web Components using Angular — Are you sure?

I am stuck on this part

create a script to eject our web component as a single file

because the files don't match

  • Did you do the ng build --prod --output-hashing=none step? Then it's just that build-element.js step, but with different files... – Cerbrus Oct 9 '19 at 10:01
  • please read official angular doc : angular.io/cli/build – Joel Joseph Oct 9 '19 at 10:02
  • @Cerbrus, Yes I did I am getting files with -es5 and -es2015 .js – Kamlesh Katpara Oct 9 '19 at 10:08

It is due to differential loading. A new feature introduced in angular 8 to load app in all browsers. In Angular 8 the file browserlist have to be in project root folder. Following entries were needed on project to disable differential loading and which helps to match files

> 0.5%
last 2 versions
Firefox ESR
not dead
not IE 9-11
not samsung 4
not android 4.4.3-4.4.4
not last 2 ie_mob versions
not last 2 op_mini versions
not last 2 op_mob versions
not last 2 baidu versions
not last 2 kaios versions
not last 2 and_uc versions
not last 2 and_qq versions
not last 2 edge versions
not chrome 49
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  • not IE 9-11 Lucky you. – Cerbrus Oct 9 '19 at 10:07
  • Excuse me? Don't blame me for that downvote that anyone could've cast @KamleshKatpara. – Cerbrus Oct 9 '19 at 10:14

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