I have a e-commerce project based on Vue and Nodejs.

1 container for frontend.

1 container for backend.

I will rent this software to my customers. Instead of creating 1 instance per customer, i am thinking about deploying in kubernetes. The problem is i couldn't solve architecture how to deploy in kubernetes but have and idea.

My idea is visualized on https://ibb.co/phqMrC8

As you can see in image i thought i pod per customer. Is this idea is good for thousands of sites and if it how can i route to correct domain to correct pod ?

  • Seems to me you are missing some basic concepts here... You only have nodes and pods... you should remove nodes from your equation and put services, that would make make a better vizualization... – night-gold Oct 9 '19 at 12:33

You should not think in terms of pods here. You should handle each container as a Deployment and expose each Deployment as a Service and then you have one or multiple Ingress object that your nginx load balancer uses (as an Ingress Controller)

How many pods you have depends on the load on each container or if you want more high availability.

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