I can't install app on my simulator after update to MacOS Catalina, it was fine on earlier versions. But Now when I try to run the app installed in the simulator I get this popup. enter image description here

I have changed system Security & Privacy setting using this command in the terminal sudo spctl --master-disable and now my it looks like this. enter image description here

But even after this I can't run the app, any idea, suggestion ? My Xcode version is 11.1 & target iOS version is 13.1, app runs smoothly when ran using xcode, but exported app is causing this issue.


I was able to solve this problem by running the following command.

xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine <path_to_app>

It turns out if you download app using some browser then it adds a flag which is considered a security threat in catalina, running this commands solves the issue.

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