I have a question. I have 2 different customer group.

And i want different invoice title. Example:

Customer group1: Invoice

Customer group2: Pre-Invoice

Oc Thanks for help. Im very beginner.

  • where you need to improve that ? admin invoice or customer invoice ? otherwise you can upload with screen shot properly because i understand easily. – Mujahid Bhoraniya Oct 10 '19 at 5:23

Do this step by step

Changes : 1

File Path : admin\controller\sale\order.php


'voucher'          => $voucher_data,

After ADD Below Code

'customer_group'   => $order_info['customer_group_id'],

Changes : 2

File Path : admin\view\template\sale\order_invoice.twig


<h1>{{ text_invoice }} #{{ order.order_id }}</h1>

Replace Below Code

{% if order.customer_group == '2' %}
    <h1>Pre-Invoice #{{ order.order_id }}</h1>
{% else %}
    <h1>Invoice #{{ order.order_id }}</h1>
{% endif %}


enter image description here

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