I'm running Python on Windows, installed through Anaconda, using the cmd as:


I cannot importlibraries, for instance import numpy as np fails. When I run Spyder, however, I am able to import these libraries.

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    That implies that this python command runs a different interpreter from what you have in Spyder. Run where.exe python to see the executable it's finding. – Eryk Sun Oct 9 at 20:26
  • @ErykSun where.exe python returns C:\path\to\anaconda>python when I'm in this directory. Otherwise, it returns an error. – ToniAz Oct 9 at 20:32
  • @ToniAz: try C:\path\to\anaconda>pip install numpy. It'll try to install numpy in the python you get when you run it from the command prompt. A better way is to create virtual environments (with python - venv or mkvirtualenv) and install your packages on those environments. – rbanffy Oct 9 at 20:56
  • In Spyder, run import sys; print(sys.executable) to see what it's using. – Eryk Sun Oct 9 at 21:19
  • @ErykSun it returns C:\path\to\anaconda\pythonw. Note the extra 'w'. Also note that print(sys.path) returns extra directories when typed in Spyder, in particular C:\path\to\python\lib\site-packages\IPython\extensions and C:\path\.ipython. – ToniAz Oct 10 at 16:45

At the window command prompt run either 'dir /s python*.exe' or 'where python.exe'. If 2 python installs are on system then remove 1. For the python install that you keep, make sure the python*._pth file has all directories needed for .py files to access. It is usually drive : python_install \ python*._pth.

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