I'm trying to install phoenix from github. After installing docker and docker-compose, I'm trying to run docker-compose run app sh -c "python manage.py runserver" And it's giving error like

Starting phoenix-master_database_1 ... done
Pulling app (registry.gitlab.propulsion-home.ch/full-stack/batch-2018-03/group-projects/phoenix:master)... ERROR: Get https://registry.gitlab.propulsion-home.ch/v2/full-stack/batch-2018-03/group-projects/phoenix/manifests/master: denied: access forbidden

What is that about? How can I login so I can get access? Here is the link of project https://github.com/sophialittlejohn/phoenix

  • It looks like a private registry, so you will need to request access to admins from the gitlab server, looking at the github issues from the repo (github.com/sophialittlejohn/phoenix/issues/1) you're not the first one having the problem and they don't seem like reacting to it. – Joan Albert Oct 9 '19 at 22:26

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