I want to utilize the AWS SDK to set and define min/max tasks for my auto scaling policy for my ECS service.

So I'm able to successfully modify my auto scaling group policy for my ECS containers instances using code.

UpdateAutoScalingGroupRequest request = new UpdateAutoScalingGroupRequest().withAutoScalingGroupName("helloWorld-ASG").withMinSize(1);

UpdateAutoScalingGroupResult response = client.updateAutoScalingGroup(request);

UpdateScalingPlanResult scalingResponse = scalingClient.updateScalingPlan(scalingRequest);

but how do I do this for the auto scaling policy for my ECS service? What classes do I need to do this? Is it possible?


For ECS service auto scaling look at the AWSApplicationAutoScalingClient, PutScalingPolicyRequest and PutScalingPolicyResult classes, then depending on your preferred scaling policy you will need either the StepScalingPolicyConfiguration or TargetTrackingScalingPolicyConfiguration class.

See the following example taken from the AWS Java SDK docs:

AWSApplicationAutoScaling client = AWSApplicationAutoScalingClientBuilder.standard().build();
PutScalingPolicyRequest request = new PutScalingPolicyRequest()
                new StepScalingPolicyConfiguration().withAdjustmentType("PercentChangeInCapacity")
                        .withStepAdjustments(new StepAdjustment().withMetricIntervalLowerBound(0d).withScalingAdjustment(200)).withCooldown(60));
PutScalingPolicyResult response = client.putScalingPolicy(request);AWSApplicationAutoScaling client = AWSApplicationAutoScalingClientBuilder.standard().build();
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  • I see. I'm looking through the documentation but can't find anything on the min/max tasks. I can set desiredCount with the UpdateServiceRequest but not the min/max task. – studentofcs Oct 10 '19 at 13:56
  • I think the issue is that I'm in a blue/green deployment and I'm struggling to find in the documentation where to set min/max tasks for that. I looked at DeploymentConfiguration but it seems like the withMinimumHealthyPercent() function is only for rolling update. Currently looking at CodeDeploy because that's where B/G is used but no luck so far. – studentofcs Oct 10 '19 at 14:19

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