I am trying to cross-correlate two arrays (X and y). The problem I'm facing is, it's taking a very long time to complete the cross correlation calculation.

I am currently using a very small sample size to test the function, and I need to speed up this process.

Could someone please suggest a better method/library available for this ? I'm currently using Scipy's "scipy.signal.correlate"

from scipy import signal

def CalculateCrossCorr(X, y):
  df = np.mean(np.diff(X[0:,1]));
  shift = (np.argmax(signal.correlate(X[0:,2], y[0:,2])) - (len(y[0:,2])-1)) * df;
  shift = round(shift, 1);
  return shift;
  • Would transforming this python function to Spark help ? I'm trying to run this on Databricks. – Dinesh Oct 10 '19 at 8:56

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