My bot developed with NodeJS and bot framework 4.0 using the based code of the samples keeps variables values from session to session. The first user populate name, email and phone number and in the next session with same or different browser the values stick, it seems like nodejs creates a singleton or maybe IIS hosting nodejs cached the values, this creates problems with concurrent users.

I am using an angular app based on an angular web chat sample using direct line to pass a random id to the bot, I though the bot framework will resolve the unique session for each user but its not happening.

Help is need it I am stuck for days! Thanks in advance. Jose

  • Hello, which code sample are you following for the node bot? If you could post what you have tried so far, it would be helpful. – ranusharao Oct 16 at 22:29
  • Hi, the bot.js module below the variables – user2660345 Oct 18 at 17:36
  • Hi, the bot.js module these variables userid, name etc retain the value of first user async onTurn(turnContext) { if(turnContext.activity.type === 'event'){ await turnContext.sendActivity(inside activity event); userId =turnContext.activity.from.id; localTime=turnContext.activity.localTimestamp; await turnContext.sendActivity(inside event activity); await turnContext.sendActivity(name + ' ' + email + ' ' + phone + '' + userId); – user2660345 Oct 18 at 17:47
  • const { LuisRecognizer } = require('botbuilder-ai'); const { ActivityTypes } = require('botbuilder'); const { QnA } = require('./qna'); const { VehicleLookUp }=require('./vehicleLookUp'); const { ProvideInfo } = require('./provideinfo') const { BlobStorage } = require("botbuilder-azure"); const shared = require('./shared'); const DISPATCH_CONFIG = 'UVS-dispatch'; var dotenv = require('dotenv'); var storage; var botUserState; var userId; var isRecurrentUser; var recurrentUserName; let name; let email; let phone; – user2660345 Oct 18 at 17:50
  • I am using a direct line angular app and passed a unique user id with a post activity of type "event" with a couple of variables as local time and local timezone – user2660345 Oct 18 at 17:51

This issue has been resolved, the problem was the direct line code sent two different ids to the bot instead of a single id in both activities and not using UserState object to persist data to some storage (I used the azure blob storage) instead of Memory storage. Thank you

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