I have one intro video of fixed resolution, 1920x1080, and main videos with different resolutions. I could merge the videos using the following command

ffmpeg -i intro.mp4 -i main.mp4 -i intro.mp4 -filter_complex " \
[0:v]scale=640x352,setsar=sar=16/9[intro]; \
[1:v]scale=640x352,setsar=sar=16/9[video]; \
[2:v]scale=640x352,setsar=sar=16/9[outro]; \
[intro][video][outro]concat=n=3[output]; \
[0:a][1:a] acrossfade=d=1 [audio]" \
-vcodec libx264 -map "[output]" -map "[audio]" "main__.mp4"

This works perfectly if I specify the scales manually. But this doesn't work for portrait videos which has resolution of 640x352 with rotation of -90 degrees, when I check them with ffprobe.

Is there a way to scale the intro video dynamically to match the dimensions of the main video? It's fine if the intro video's aspect ratio is distorted, and just retain the main video's size.

  • Search Stack Overflow for [ffmpeg] is:answer scale2ref – llogan Oct 10 at 18:40

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