I'm trying to build and then copy over a package from Travis-CI to my EC2 instance.

I've followed these steps for setting up my ssh key.

As far as I can tell, the key is working correctly -- I'm able to run the pwd command on line 12 and get the expected response of /root

enter image description here

However when I call nix-copy-closure I'm prompted for a password and the script hangs. In the docs for nix-copy-closure, they note that it will request a password twice and recommend using ssh-agent to address it. I thought that I was using ssh-agent. Locally, I am not prompted for a password.

I'm at a loss! Thanks in advance


The solution ended up being that I needed to specify root@$SERVER_ADDRESS in the --to argument to nix-copy-closure. Thanks to @thoferon for the suggestion

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