I have many documents in a collection of mongoDB. I want to increase the start_dateTime field by the given duration in minutes and the given user_id.

But that collection contains multiple documents for the given user_id. So I want to increase all start_dateTime by the given duration and the given user_id.

I got the following error

MongoError: Cannot increment with non-numeric argument: {start_datetime: new Date(1570701481175)}

function delayworkTime(req,res,next)
    const usrId = req.body.user_id;
    var delays_by = req.body.delays_by;

        Works.updateMany(   {user_id: usrId},
                                {$inc: {start_datetime : moment().add(delays_by, 'minutes')}}
                            .then(function (delays) 
                            .catch(function (err)
    catch (err)
        return res.status(500).json(err);
  • $inc will increment only on integer not on date. – Subburaj Oct 10 at 9:45
  • Then how can I update the date, please ? – test team Oct 10 at 9:46

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