We have installed WSO2 IS-KM version 5.7.0 and we want to integrate Multiple WSO2 API Manager version 2.6.0 with WSO2 IS-KM. Requesting you to please suggest and share the link to configure multiple WSO2 API manager with WSO2 IS-KM version 5.7.0


Please find a simple set of configurations on setting up multiple API Manager nodes with a single IS as Key Manager. It is required to front the API Manager nodes with a load balancer (with sticky sessions enabled & data-sources are shared among all the nodes) and configure the API Manager nodes as follows

API Manager Nodes: api-manager.xml (assumption IS-KM port offset 1, therefore 9444)

  <!-- Server URL of the Authentication service -->
  <!-- Server URL of the API key manager -->

IS Key Manager Node: api-manager.xml

    <Environment type="hybrid" api-console="true">
      <!-- Server URL of the API gateway -->

Sample NGINX

upstream mgtnode {
  server localhost:9443; # api manager node 01
  server localhost:9443; # api manager node 02

server {
  listen 443;
  server_name mgtgw.am.wso2.com;
  proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Port 443;
  location / {
    proxy_pass https://mgtnode;


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