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I created a small UI in Qt Designer and turned it into python, I'm trying to learn how I connect my button with my function I made a code but when I click the button it crashes and closes.

What I want is that when I click the button it will take the value of the label "area" multiply by 4.84 and show it in the label "valor"

Below I let the code chew paste into pycharm and run it will see

I thank anyone who can help.

Here is the full code (It's a small code) https://github.com/danielheringers/pyqttest/blob/master/test

here the function

    def clicked(self):
    self.valor.setText((self.area * 4.84) * 600)
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  • 1) self.area is a QTextEdit, so if you want to get the text you should use sef.area.toPlainText() stackoverflow.com/a/24036888/6622587 2) convert the previous string to float: float(sef.area.toPlainText()) stackoverflow.com/a/379910/6622587, 3) set the value of the equation in the QLabel: self.valor.setNum((float(sef.area.toPlainText()) * 4.84) * 600) stackoverflow.com/a/34636550/6622587. I recommend you check the basic python since you seem to be unaware of the different types of data that exist in python. – eyllanesc Oct 10 at 21:01
  • Thank you. Worked! – Daniel Heringer Oct 10 at 21:34
  • Do you know how to format the result of this? self.valor.setNum((float(sef.area.toPlainText()) * 4.84) * 600) – Daniel Heringer Oct 11 at 0:18