I keep getting the following errors:

Msg 156, Level 15, State 1, Line 4
Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'as'.

Msg 156, Level 15, State 1, Line 10
Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'between'.

I cannot see the problem.

use leads;

select *
    (select max(HighTrw) 
     from (values (trw1), (trw2), (trw21)) as Value (HighTrw)) as [high_trw]
    dbo.spi s
    (select max(HighTrw)
     from (values (trw1), (trw2), (trw21)) As updatedate (HighTrw)) between '600' and '625'
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    That query is product specific. Which dbms are you using? – jarlh Oct 10 at 20:57
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    To start, select space asterisk comma select *, – avery_larry Oct 10 at 21:23

Your code sort of looks like SQL Server code, so I will use that syntax.

Presumably, you intend something like this:

select s.*, ss.high_trw
from dbo.spi s outer apply
     (select max(Value.HighTrw) as high_trw
      from (values (s.trw1), (s.trw2), (s.trw21)
           ) as Value(HighTrw)
     ) ss
where ss.high_trw between 600 and 625;


  • You can put the subquery into the from clause using apply.
  • One obvious problem is the lack of comma before the correlated subquery.
  • You should learn to qualify all column names. This is especially important for correlated subqueries.
  • 600 and 625 look like numbers, not strings. If so, the constants should not have quotes.
  • Yes sorry SQL server is the dbms. The missing , did the trick thank you all for your help. – james k Oct 11 at 14:10

A few things concern me about your code, apart from not supplying some data:

use leads;

-- There's no comma "," after the "*"
-- This look like it belongs in the "from" section as a subquery, eg "(select ...) as sub"
-- You can then reference all of its contents in the main select using "sub.*"
(select max(HighTrw) from (values (trw1), (trw2), (trw21)) as Value(HighTrw)) as [high_trw]

from dbo.spi s

Where (select max(HighTrw)
-- Haven't seen this way of specifying a table before, is it valid? 
-- Why not explicitly define a temporary table above with the data you want, _before_ starting the query? - makes the code cleaner/clearer, IMO
            from (values (trw1), (trw2), (trw21)) As updatedate (HighTrw)) between '600' and '625'
-- There's no final ";" to terminate the query, might not be absolutely necessary, but good habit, 
-- because at some point, this code's going to dovetail into some other code, and the compiler will probably throw a wobbly

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