I use oh-my-zsh and I have a bazel project. I want tab complete. So that I can do bazel build //src/<tab> and get auto complete.

The first thing I tried was following:

https://docs.bazel.build/versions/master/completion.html. I included the _bazel file under a directory on my $fpath. Then I restarted my terminal and got no tab complete.

Next I tried using an oh-my-zsh plugin. https://github.com/jackwish/bazel. I cloned the plugin into the correct location, added bazel to my zshrc plugins and did source ~/.zshrc Still no tab completion.

I installed bazel using brew. I have tried brew uninstall bazel and reinstalling it. No luck...

$ echo $fpath
... /Users/<username>/.oh-my-zsh/completions ...
$ ls /Users/<username>/.oh-my-zsh/completions

I want to press tab and get a list of options and be able to tab through them.

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You need to re-initialize the completion. The completion system in ZSH collects completion file in fpath and record them in a .zcompdump file as an index for existing completions. After a new completion file is added, you need to redo the process.


  1. Put the following content into your .zshrc.

    # add the _bazel into path
  2. Re-collect completions and generate .zcompdump. Run the following command in a new interactive ZSH shell.

    rm -f ~/.zcompdump; compinit

I remember oh-my-zsh doesn't do the compinit for you. You may need to add the compinit into your .zshrc.

Check the optimization here to run compinit once a day.

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I had to install zsh-completions (via brew) and follow the instructions after the install to get completions to work for me.


The above answer is correct. But here is a quick approach to do it:

# First download the _bazel file
$ curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bazelbuild/bazel/master/scripts/zsh_completion/_bazel -o _bazel
# Second move it to completions directory
$ cp _bazel  ~/.oh-my-zsh/completions/

~/.oh-my-zsh/completions/ is already in the $fpath directory. You can check by running echo $fpath

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