I see lots of 'Experiment DEAD got' warnings in the H2O DAI experiment log. What does this mean ?

2019-10-10 10:37:11,441 C: D:109.4GB M:6.0GB 15175 WARNING: Experiment DEAD got 426a3c9c-eafe-11e9-8651-9cb6d060f074 server process (pids were: []) [=#h2oai-426a3c9c].

  • hi @nasica88 could you include full details about how to reproduce what you are seeing: what version of DAI you are using, if you upgraded between versions, what settings you used to run your experiment and a description of your dataset column types and stats. thanks! – Lauren Oct 11 at 18:32
  • This happened in DAI v1.7.0 and was addressed in v1.8.0. Thanks. – nasica88 Oct 31 at 4:18

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