I have a pipeline in Azure data factory that has a series of Hive activity chained one after the other and the activity runs HiveQL scripts on an OnDemand HDInsights cluster. Each Hive activity takes some parameters as input and runs some business logic based on the values passed as input and raw data stored in Data Lake storage.

Now, there are some HiveQL scripts that need to change/update the values(input parameters) and these values need to be further passed to the next Hive activity.

How can I achieve this scenario? What should my HiveQL script look like and how can I extract the output parameters from 1 Hive activity and pass it as input to other hive activity.

To solve the above problem, I have created an External Hive table(T_Variables) stored as CSV with 2 columns (key, value). Each hive activity(HiveQL script) inserts/updates a row in the T_Variables table. But it is getting extremely difficult in HiveQL to Select values from T_Variables and use it at the spot where a particular variable's value needs to be used.

Is there any way in Azure data factory(any activity) that can read a CSV file and convert it into parameters that can be passed as input to the next hive activity?

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