forgive me, but I am fairly new to Kentico 12. In my experience thus far, I have found that the sitemap.xml page that is created by Kentico incorporates links that go to 404 pages, noindex/nofollow links, and pages that have been 301 redirected months ago! I have escalated this to our main Kentico developers and they said it involves a tremendous amount of code work to fix this.

  1. How can 'bad' URL's a mentioned about be removed from the sitemap.xml file?
  2. What is an easy straight forward way to modify the sitemap.xml file?
  3. I did a Google search and found that I can create a Google Specific sitemap?

Any / all responses would be extremely helpful! As an SEO specialist, it is important to keep the sitemap.xml file as clean as possible for proper ranking.

Thank you,


  • What are you using for generation of the Sitemap? Since you tagged it with MVC it must be something custom that is populated by the developers. If the code doesn't respect unpublished pages or ignores the hide from sitemap check it does indeed require code change. – DTK Oct 11 at 15:05

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