I am able to install the python3 package of forexconnect using:

python3 -m pip install forexconnect

but when I try to install it for pypy using:

pypy3 -m pip install forexconnect

I get the following error,

ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement forexconnect (from versions: none) ERROR: No matching distribution found for forexconnect

I have looked through the pypy documentation and can't work out what I need to do now. Perhaps I need to re-compile/rebuild the library but unfortunately my knowledge of python isn't good enough to understand what is probably quite straight-forward.

Please, does anyone know what is going on here and what needs to be done?


forexeconnect does not release a source tarball, so they must build a binary version for each python version they wish to support and upload that to PyPI. Most packages will release a source tarball and upload that to PyPI, then pip install can build the binary package from source. In this case, the package provider (assuming they do not want to release the source) would have to build a version for PyPy, there is nothing pip nor PyPy can do.

  • Thanks - that's cleared that up for me. I love this website :-) – pobo123 Oct 13 at 22:17

To see supported versions by pip try

pip install forexconnect==0

Then you can set specifical version with

pip install forexconnect==versionnumber
  • Sorry, I have edited my question - there was a typo error. The pypy code should have been "pypy3 -m pip install forexconnect". So, basically I can find the version in python pip but not pypy3 pip. Hope, my problem and question is clearer now. – pobo123 Oct 11 at 20:07

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