I am trying to integrate ionic 4 as a front end to the aspnetboilerplate backend API.

I have copied some of the code from the example Angular front end and added all the packages I needed. I only copied the auth folder and the service proxy folder so I could add ASP .net boilerplate authentication to the ionic app. VS Code did not detect the abp package and was showing import errors until I also copied the typings.d.ts file, which removed the errors in the editor.

//typings.d.ts snippet

///<reference path="../node_modules/abp-web-resources/Abp/Framework/scripts/abp.d.ts"/>
///<reference path="../node_modules/abp-web-resources/Abp/Framework/scripts/libs/abp.jquery.d.ts"/>
///<reference path="../node_modules/abp-web-resources/Abp/Framework/scripts/libs/abp.signalr.d.ts"/>

When trying to run the app using ionic serve, I get the same errors that I had before I added the typings.d.ts file.

ERROR in node_modules/abp-ng2-module/dist/src/features/feature-checker.service.d.ts:2:31 - error TS2503: Cannot find namespace 'abp'.

src/account/account.component.ts:34:9 - error TS2592: Cannot find name '$'. Do you need to install type definitions for jQuery? Try `npm i @types/jquery` and then add `jquery` to the types field in your tsconfig.

I think the issue is that VS Code is recognizing the typings.d.ts file while the actual ionic typescript install is not.


You need to add the references to the tsconfig.json file in the types or typeroots properties.

   "compilerOptions": {
       "typeRoots" : ["node_modules/abp-web-resources/Abp/Framework/scripts"]

you can check the documentation here.

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