I wish to use scribe to export some data from a Erlang application, but I have a problem with running Thrift client. I install Thrift, in the erlang lib directory. I'm using: thrift-0.6.1

I found some example code to connect from erlang via thrift to scribe:

{ok, C} = thrift_client:start_link("localhost", 1463, scribe_thrift, 
                                     [{strict_read, false}, 
                                      {strict_write, false}, 
                                      {framed, true}]),

but erlang is returning this error:

** exception error: undefined function thrift_client:start_link/4

When I try to run application:start(thrift), for a moment I see some code completion for thrift*

7> thrift_client:
   call/3         close/1        module_info/0  module_info/1  new/2          

and there is no method start_link.

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I think these days you want something like thrift_client_util:new(Host, Port, ProtoModule, Options)

which in your case would be:

thrift_client_util:new("localhost", 1463, scribe_thrift,
                       [{strict_read, false}, 
                        {strict_write, false}, 
                        {framed, true}]).

And an important point to bear in mind with the thrift API in erlang is that all calls return you a new client state value which you must use for subsequent calls. Using a client state value twice leads to wailing and the gnashing of teeth.

  • the observation from the answer of this post shows that the returned client state is the same as the original one.
    – gextra
    Jul 21, 2013 at 13:03

I got thrift integrated with my project a couple of months back. There are some initialization steps required to obtain the client.

  {ok, TFactory} = 
      "localhost", 8899, []),
  {ok, PFactory} = 
    thrift_binary_protocol:new_protocol_factory(TFactory, []),
  {ok, Protocol} = PFactory(),
  {ok, Client} = thrift_client:new(Protocol, scribe_thrift),

For more context, you can probably take a look at a module from my git repo.

  • The reply from archaelus using thrift_client_util:new is a wrapper for this answer.
    – gextra
    Nov 1, 2013 at 10:59

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