I need to filter by Gender for each prevalence I calculate, and I want to loop through each type of Race to getting the proper numerator and denominator. But I keep getting the same error.

for(i in mylistComplications) {
  for(j in mylist2) {
    dataset <- data.use %>% select(Gender, i) %>%
      filter(Gender == j) %>% filter(get(i) == "Yes")
    Num <- nrow(dataset)
    Denomdataset <- data.use %>% select(Gender) %>% filter(Gender = j)
    Denom <- nrow(Denomdataset)
    prevalence <- (Num/Denom)*100
    print(paste("Percent of ", j, "persons with ", i, ": ", prevalence))

Error: `Gender` (`Gender = j`) must not be named, do you need `==`?

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