My site as multiple modules. Each module have multiple routes.

I could able to generate root level sitemap.

But I got no idea on how to generate sitemap for each module.

Root - www.example.com/sitemap.xml - Works fine
 -ModuleA - www.example.com/ModuleA/sitemap.xml - No idea how to make this happen
 -ModuleB - www.example.com/ModuleB/sitemap.xml
 -ModuleC - www.example.com/ModuleC/sitemap.xml.

So I've I enter this url, ww.example.com/ModuleA/sitemap.xml I should able to see the sitemap.

Also, Sitemap should be generated while loading the module.

  • Are you working on angular universal for server side rendering? – Archit Garg Oct 15 at 10:03
  • yes, my app is ssr enabled – stack new Oct 15 at 11:12

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