How to find out which version of Redis is running in PCF DEV? I'm using the latest PCF DEV 1.2.0 for PAS 2.4.4 and created the service as per the docs, like this:

cf cs p.redis cache-small redis

It is running, and I have some app talking to it. Now I just want to know which version it is.


I found a way with the help of a colleague: First, find out the hostname, port and password by querying the environment of the application which is successfully connected to Redis with cf env [APP-NAME]. The relevant chunk looks like this:

 "p.redis": [
   "binding_name": null,
   "credentials": {
     "host": "q-s0.redis-instance.default.service-instance-deadbeef-8008.bosh",
     "password": "THXQCcElifUCCbJD2RlU7tgjZegmkn",
     "port": 6379

Now, SSH into the apps container with cf ssh [APP-NAME] and use Netcat to connect to Redis:

vcap@...:~$ nc q-s0.redis-instance.default.service-instance-deadbeef-8008.bosh 6379

Then use AUTH and the password to "login"...


...and issue the INFO command - the Redis version is displayed right at the top:

# Server

Anyway, this is likely very much work for a tiny bit of information - are there other ways?

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