I have a database project on full .NET Framework with Entity framework 6.3 and MySql.Data.MySqlClient as provider (package MySql.Data and MySql.Data.EntityFramework bot 8.0.18). This all works as expected.

Now I would like to port this to .NET Core 3.0.I still need to stay on Entity framework 6.3 and use old EDMX model.I've created new Core project and linked database entities and edmx (port existing EF 6.3 to core). The problem I encounter is that the provider MySql.Data.MySqlClient (MySql.Data.EntityFramework NuGet package) doesn't seem to include a .NET Core version.

Am I missing a NuGet package? Do I need another MySql provider, that will work on .NET Core 3.0 and Entity Framework 6.3?


Meanwhile, Oracle ports their code to .NET Core 3.0, we released our package that supports it:

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  • Does it support EF Core 3.x now? – Mukus Jun 8 at 0:51
  • No Mukus, it doesn't seem to support it so you can continue to use our package. – Jonathan Magnan Jun 8 at 12:27

You will need MySql.Data.EntityFramework to port their provider to support .NET Core 3.0 (and possibly EF 6.3) before you can proceed.

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