I have log files on my server as follows


Is it possible to add log files pattern in fail2ban jail config?

    enabled  = false
    filter   = example
    action   = iptables
    logpath  = /var/log/vpn_%D.log
    maxretry = 1

Well, conditionally it is possible...

Although wildcards are basically allowed at the moment, so :

logpath  = /var/log/vpn_*.log

will do the job, but it is a bit ugly in your case:

  • fail2ban cumulate the list of files only by start of service, so the list remains obtained in fail2ban (unless it gets reloaded) - this means you should notify fail2ban that the log file name got changed (see https://github.com/fail2ban/fail2ban/issues/1379, the work is in progress).
  • since only one file will get new messages, the monitoring of other files is unneeded, especially if polling backend is used.

So better create some logrotate rules for that:

  • in order to rename/compress all previous log-files (to avoid match for obsolete files);
  • either create hard- or sym-link for last/active file with a fixed name (so fail2ban is always able to find it with the same name, and you'd not need wildcard at all);
  • or to notify fail2ban to reload the jail if logfile-name got changed
    (fail2ban-client reload vpn).

Here is an example for logrotate amendment:

        nfn="/var/log/vpn_$(date +%Y%m%d).log"
        touch "$nfn"
        ln -fs "$nfn" /var/log/vpn.log
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  • yes. logrotate is the solution here but I can't symlink a file that changes every day. log files are created daily with date suffix.and also using wildcard is ugly because log files are of size 500MB approx. – Akhil Jalagam Oct 17 '19 at 11:33
  • of course you can link the log-file, just add something like this to your logrorate config for vpn service: postrotate nfn="/var/log/vpn_$(date +%Y%m%d).log" touch "$nfn" ln -fs "$nfn" /var/log/vpn.log and force logrotate execution daily on 00:00 (e.g. via cron); the only logpath you'd monitor in fail2ban would be then "/var/log/vpn.log" – sebres Oct 18 '19 at 12:47
  • comments seems to be formated incorrectly, so I extended answer above with an example – sebres Oct 18 '19 at 12:54

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