I want to send information to second page if the user is logged in . I would like use Context to that. Something about my code :

const Login = () => {
const [logged, setLogged] = React.useState(0);
const log = () => {
    if (tempLogin.login === "Login" && tempLogin.password == "Haslo") {

  return (
  {logged == 1 && (
          <Redirect to="/page" />

I want to send logged to /page but i don't know how . None guide help me .Page is actually empty React file.


There are 2 ways handle that:

  1. Passing state to route(as described in docs):
  {logged == 1 && (
          <Redirect to={{ path: "/page", state: { isLoggedIn: true } }} />

And your component under /page route will access that flag as this.props.location.state.isLoggedIn

  1. Utilize some global app state(Redux, Context API with <Provider> at root level or anything alike).

To me second option is better for keeping auth information:

  1. Probably not only one target component will want to check if user is authorized
  2. I'd expect you will need to store some authorization data to send with new requests(like JWT token) so just boolean flah accessible in single component would not be enough.
  3. some operation on auth information like say logout() or refreshToken() will be probably needed in different components not in single one.

But finally it's up to you.


Thanks skyboyer I solved this problem with Context method .I will try tell you how i do this becouse maybe someone will have the same problem I created new file

import React from "react";
import { Redirect } from "react-router";
const LoginInfo = React.createContext();

export const LoginInfoProvider = props => {
  const [infoLog, setInfoLog] = React.useState("");
  const login = name => {
  const logout = () => {
  const { children } = props;
  return (
        login: login,
        logout: logout,
        infolog: infoLog
export const LoginInfoConsumer = LoginInfo.Consumer;

In App.js add LoginInfoProvider

  <Route exact path="/" component={Login} />
  <Route path="/register" component={Register} />
  <Route path="/page" component={Page} />

In page with login (parts of code in my question) i added LoginInfoConsumer


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