I use firebase dynamic links. They work perfectly fine when the app is in background and I use the application continue userActivity function. However if I click on a dynamic link and cold start the application (not running in background) then not only does the application continue userActivity not run, when I breakpoint at didFinishLaunchingWithOptions, I try to print launchOptions and it returns nil.

I setup the dynamic links exactly like the documentation describes.

In the associated domains - I have applinks:*******.page.link and under URL Types I created one with the identifier *******.page.link and the URL scheme as my Bundle identifier.

In didFinishLaunchingWithOptions - before FirebaseApp.configure() , I do (as instructed from a similar question I found about universal linking) FirebaseOptions.defaultOptions()?.deepLinkURLScheme = org.*******.*****

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  • Have you solved the problem? I am facing the same issue... – Marceeelll Apr 10 at 9:13
  • @Marceeelll Didn't solve it, however there should be new info online about the topic because this was a couple of months back and very new. – adam eliezerov Apr 12 at 10:31

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