is it possible to find a file by only inputting a hash (preferably sha256) and getting a filepath? its also ok if i can immediately delete the file. im trying to make like some sort of virus scan, i know this is not good way is but its good enough for me.

i hope is can go something like this:

hash = 'hash'

path = find_file(hash, C:)


i know this is not the best explanation but i hope someone can help me out. its a school project and the time is tight.


  • no. you can read 5 millions files and hash 5 million files when read (one after the other) and compare 5million hashes to your given hash ... and then delete the 5million+1 file because it fits. It is not performant. You cannot "look for a file" by its hash performantly. beside that - your code ist erroneous python – Patrick Artner Oct 17 at 18:32
  • 1
    Questions that ask "where do I start?" are typically too broad and are not a good fit for this site. People have their own method for approaching the problem and because of this there cannot be a correct answer. Give a good read over Where to Start and edit your post. – Patrick Artner Oct 17 at 18:33
  • This is not a good idea. A hash code is not guaranteed to be unique. There is a very real possibility that two or more file names would hash to the same value. If that happens, you could delete the wrong file. – Jim Mischel Oct 18 at 13:40

It is only possible if the files you are searching through already have a hash associated with them. If not, you would first have to create a hash from each file's data and then check to see if that hash value matched the hash you were looking for.

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