I have a question on a sample of location element inside web.config:

      <location path="UploadPage.aspx">
          <httpRuntime maxRequestLength="128"/>

The UploadPage.aspx refer to www.mysite.com/UploadPage.aspx or any file that called UploadPage.aspx inside my site? Can I write path="~/UploadTool/UploadPage.aspx" ? What if I want that this rule will be refer to any file that named UploadPage.aspx

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Well, "/path" doesnt work you need to put ~/ at the beginning also /* at the end also works

here is an example

    <location path="~/upload-cs/Upload.aspx">
          <httpRuntime maxRequestLength="5378" executionTimeout="300" />

I don't think it's possible to apply it in such a manner.

However you can put all your Uploading Page pages in a single folder and then specify the path location path "/AllMyUploads/*" .

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