I have a SQL table which consists of order details.

Table Example

order_id | item_type | stock_code | price_code
1        | S         | 0005-01    | NULL
1        | P         | NULL       | PRC-1
1        | S         | 0004       | NULL
2        | S         | 0005-02    | NULL
2        | S         | 0004       | NULL

I'm trying to return all order_id's where an order contains a stock code beginning with 0005 but not with a price code beginning with PRC

My attempt

SELECT order_id
FROM order_detail as ordDetail
  FROM order_detail as ordDetail2
  WHERE ordDetail2.order_id = ordDetail.order_id
  AND stock_code LIKE '0005-%'
  AND price_code NOT LIKE 'PRC%'

For some reason, it seems to be ignoring the price_code NOT LIKE argument?

Expected results


I'd love the order_id's to be unique too if that were possible :/

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    To explain why what you have isn't working, {expr} LIKE NULL will return "unknown", as will {expr} NOT LIKE NULL. As "Unknown" is not "True" a clause that needs to evaluate to "True" therefore, effectively, might as well be "False". Nothing is (not) like or (not) equal to NULL; including NULL. The only way to perform comparisons against a NULL is by using IS (NOT) NULL. – Larnu Oct 18 at 11:19
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    is the table order_detail the same as ORD_DETAIL ? This seems like a typo that they are not the same table. It also seems the answer from @GordonLinoff doesn't give the exact result you are requesting. His answer only returns 1 row – t-clausen.dk Oct 18 at 11:46
  • @t-clausen.dk thank you, I updated the typo. When testing GordonLinoff 's answer it worked and made sense when reading. – Dev.Wol Oct 18 at 11:48
  • @Dev.Wol you are requesting 2 rows as result. Please test the links in my answer – t-clausen.dk Oct 18 at 12:09
  • with your new edit, you should pick the answer from @GMB this will return unique order ids. There is no guarantee Gordons answer will return unique order ids – t-clausen.dk Oct 18 at 12:19

We can build on your attempt:

SELECT od.order_id
FROM order_detail od
WHERE od.stock_code LIKE '0005-%' AND
                  FROM ORD_DETAIL od2
                  WHERE od2.order_id = od.order_id AND
                        od2.price_code LIKE 'PRC%'

The particular changes are:

  • The condition on stock_code is in the outer query not the subquery.
  • The condition for price code is NOT EXISTS rather than EXISTS -- the order should not have such a row.
  • The condition in the subquery is LIKE not NOT LIKE.
  • Thank you, this seemed the most logical to read for me and now I've read and understood it makes complete sense why mine wasn't working. Thank you again. – Dev.Wol Oct 18 at 11:29

You could use aggregation and a having clause with conditional expressions:

select order_id
from order_detail
group by order_id
    max(case when stock_code like '0005-%' then 1 end) = 1
    and max(case when price_code like 'PRC%' then 1 end) is null

This will give you all (unique) ids for which (at least) a record exists where stock_code = '0005' and no record exists where price_code starts with 'PRC'.


You need to check for NULL values on price_code, as Larnu pointed out.

Just replace

AND price_code NOT LIKE 'PRC%'


AND (price_code NOT LIKE 'PRC%' OR price_code IS NULL)

You can see in the following example how the NULL doesn't match against a LIKE pattern.



Just Try the below, It works .

SELECT DISTINCT order_id FROM order_detail WHERE stock_code LIKE '0005-%' AND price_code NOT LIKE 'PRC%'

  • Same comment as the other answer: As I mention in the comment above, AND [ price_code] NOT LIKE 'prc%' will resolve to AND NULL NOT LIKE 'prc%'for some rows; which will not evaluate to true, and so those rows will not be included in the result set. – Larnu Oct 18 at 11:23

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