I built a Jhipster project (with SpringBoot and React) into a jar on Mac and ran it without any issue on Mac, and now put it to Ubuntu, and got stuck when the login page comes up (I use KeyCloak for login). As I use KeyCloak, and now it shows an error screen saying "Https Required".

I searched online and most of the resolutions cannot applied in my case: this is a new Ubuntu box on AWS, and no GUI, so i cannot start the GUI and set it to be not requiring HTTPS for external (which is what I need); and this is KeyCloak bundled with Jhipster, so I cannot find where its database is and so cannot change the policy in the database level; and I run this on Linux from a jar, so I cannot go into the configuration code of Keycloak (if there is any besides the keycloak.yml) to specify the https-not-required policy. So I am kind of stuck here. I just want to get to the login page from the home, and run like it's on localhost. Please help... Thanks a lot!

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