Bit of a powershell novice here I'm trying to write a powershell script that will look at the contents of a directory of Log files Grab the first file which is in sequential order put that file name into a log file and then copy that file to another folder. Then it needs to repeat this process with the next file list replacing the File name in the log file.

This script will only run between the hours of 12 am and 6 am due to file size. After 6 am I want the script to stop and then at 12 I want the script to start with 1 higher then the last file name that was put into the log file.

Example Log in file is Test_08_tlog-_1.txt I want it to copy Test_08_tlog-2.txt and keep going

I've tried a couple for loops and a for each loop I can copy all the files in the directory but I want to step through each copy and log the file name

Here is some sample of what I've been able to Put together thus far

$stop = get-date "9:45 Pm"
$now = Get-date
$source = "c:\PS1"
$dest = "c:\PS2"

 if ($min.TimeOfDay -le $now.TimeOfDay -and $stop.TimeOfDay -ge 
       $now.TimeOfDay) { 

         $move = Get-ChildItem c:\PS1 | Select-Object -First 1 | select -f 1

      copy-item "$source\$move" -Destination $dest
        Write-Host "Done"


It copies the files just fine but I'm not sure how to log the file in the order that it was copied and then start with that file on the next run

  • maybe use the -verbose flag? (Example SO question). Then store the output from the copy-item in a log. You would have to get the name from the log later. – Thomas F Oct 19 at 0:28

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