I try to deploy in a development server a copy of wso2 5.9, when i make changes in for example catalina-server.xml for allow reverse proxy in port 443. All my changes overriding.

I already try add the proxyPort in deployment.toml without success.

hostname = "mydomain.com"
node_ip = "xxx.xxx.xxx..xxx"
base_path = "https://$ref{server.hostname}:${carbon.management.port}"
proxyPort = "443"

Can't found in documentation how i should specify this configuration in new toml file.


This should work.


Seems this is not documented yet. Figured out looking at the repository/resources/conf/templates/repository/conf/tomcat/catalina-server.xml.j2 file.

  • thank you! now works! – mleaf Oct 19 at 16:12

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