I can't compile my program, because I keep getting the error:

mine.c:40:44: error: subscripted value is neither array nor pointer nor vector
             diamTable[r][c] = diam[r][c] +

The relevant code is:

int getMax(int *diam, int m, int n) {
    for(int c=n-1; c>=0; c--) {
        for (int r=0; r<m; r++) {
            // Where the error occurs
            diamTable[r][c] = diam[r][c] +
                              max(right, max(rightup, rightdown));

// Driver Code
int main(int argc, char* v[]) {
    printf("%d\n", getMax(&diam[m][n], m, n));

    return 0;

I hope someone knows why I'm getting the above error and how I can fix this.


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The parameter diam of the function getMax is declared like

int *diam

So you may apply only one subscript operator to the variable. For example


In this case the type of the expression is the scalar type int. So you may not apply the second subscript operator for an object of the type int.

On the other hand in this call

getMax(&diam[m][n], m, n)

you are passing a pointer to the memory beyond the array diam that is you are passing the address of the element diam[n][m] that does not exist in the array.

To use diam as a two-dimensional array you need to declare the function like

int getMax( int m, int n, int diam[m][n] ) 

and call it like

getMax( m, n, diam )

In this case within the function the parameter diam will have the type int ( * )[n] and you may apply two subscript operators to the pointer.


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