Has simple code in old version of ReactiveUI:

var allItems = new ObservableCollection<Model>(items);
var filteredItems = allItems.CreateDerivedCollection(
 x => x,

where Filter and Compare has simple signatures:

private bool Filter(Model item)
public int Compare(Model x, Model y)

sometimes i change items in other threads (big changes, without INPC) or change Filter\Compare strategies and just do filteredItems.Reset();

In DynamicData i try to:

          ReadOnlyObservableCollection<Model> filteredItems;
          var allItems = new ObservableCollection<Model>(items);
          var cancellation = allItems
            .Bind(out filteredItems)

but not found, how to Reset this^ or filteredItems.

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    There is a operator called "AutoRefreshOnObservable()" I have used for this purpose in the past. I will pass in an Observable to the method (it has one parameter which is for each item in the list which I ignore), and then I just trigger the observables to get a full reset. – Glenn Watson Oct 20 at 4:25

Wish I were able to give you a direct answer, but I'm rather new to ReactiveUI. Managed to use DynamicData for something and thought you wouldn't mind this sharing.

If what I say later doesn't help you, here are the most relevant resources I could find:

In my case I used SourceList or SourceCache as type for something similar to your allItems.

SourceCache<Model, string> allItems =
    new SourceCache<Model, string>(m => m.Id);

// assuming each model has unique id; if it doesn't then use SourceList

I'd then have a BindingList<Model> as type for something simlar to your 'filteredItems'.

BindingList<Model> filteredItems = new BindingList<Model>();

The binding should be something like:


To bulk-edit the list I'd call something like

    innerList => {

    // edit
    // innerList.AddOrUpdate(...);

Cheers !

  • IBindingList not work for me, but code work well with ReadOnlyObservableCollection. Thanks. – Monk Oct 20 at 12:49

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