Currently the cursor/caret for my SwiftUI TextField is blue. Is there an API for cursor colour or a workaround?


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EDIT: as pointed out below and in the documentation, my original answer (below) is now deprecated and you should use .tint instead. Or if you want all text fields and other UI elements in your app to be the same you can customize your app’s global accentColor.

Original answer:

Tried it out and .accentColor does the trick.

TextField(" Enter some text", text: $name)
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    Didn't work for me but I'm trying this inside a Catalyst app (i.e., it's not a fully native AppKit macOS app) which might explain it :-( Dec 2, 2019 at 13:44
  • Unfortunately this isn't available before macOS 11 (it is available in iOS 13, however).
    – Charles A.
    Mar 22, 2021 at 21:47
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    Also in the future Apple docs as of (Jan '22) specify that .accentColor() will be deprecated in the future, and to use this instead: .tint(.Yellow) Jan 7 at 2:55
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    Using .tint is not working for me. Only .accentColor works.
    – wristbands
    May 3 at 19:17

The other answer didn't work for me but this did! It doesn't look like the cursor plays well with SwiftUI custom line spacing however...

extension NSTextView {
    open override var frame: CGRect {
        didSet {
            insertionPointColor = .black

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