I want to move a row to top of datatable on a button click... i have tried with append function...but while using search function of datatable , the table is getting reset..below is a sample code of what i am trying..

<table id="ArgumentsTable" class="table table-striped table-bordered dataTable">

                    <tr role="row"><th >Name</th><th >Position</th><th >Office</th><th >Age</th> 
 <th>Start date</th><th >Salary</th></tr>

                <tr role="row" class="odd">
                        <td class="sorting_1">Airi Satou</td>
                        <td>Account <button class="btn " id="btn1" >Save</button></td>
                    </tr><tr role="row" class="even">
                        <td class="sorting_1">Angelica Ramos</td>
                        <td>Chief <button class="btn " id="btn2" >Save</button></td>
                    </tr><tr role="row" class="odd">
                        <td class="sorting_1">Ashton Cox</td>
          <button class="btn " id="btn3"  >Save</button></td>
                        <td>San Francisco</td>


Here is script code i am using

`     $(document).ready(function() {
  var table = $('#ArgumentsTable').DataTable(
        stateSave: true
  $('.btn').click( function () {
  /*var index =0;
  // rowCount = table.data().length-1,
   //var rowApp = $(this).closest('tr');
  //var indexRow = table.row(rowApp).index();
  //tempRow =""
   /*insertedRow = table.row(indexRow).data(),tempRow;
         for (var i=rowCount;i>index;i--) {
           tempRow = table.row(i-1).data();
     } */
     //table.row('.selected').remove().draw( false );
     } );
    } );`    

//Found a solution by addinng a hidden column id at 0th position and by sorting by its value. Thereby all the selected row will come to top by changing the id value

   var table = $('#ArgumentsTable').DataTable({
    paging: true,
    stateSave: true,
    "aaSorting": [[ 0, "asc" ]],
    'drawCallback': function (settings) {
        //$('#ArgumentsTable tr:last .btn').remove();

        // Remove previous binding before adding it

        // Bind clicks to functions


function moveRow() {
    var row = $(this).parents('tr');
    var index = table.row(row).index();
    var data1 = table.row(index).data();
    data1[0] = -data1[0];
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