i want to watch when a mutation called and updated a status. i make a component to show database table count when api called.

this is my store i wrote

const state = {
    opportunity: ""

const getters = {
    countOpportunity: state => state.opportunity

const actions = {
    // count opportunity
    async totalOpportunity({ commit }) {
        const response = await axios.get(count_opportunity)
        commit("setOpportunity", response.data)

const mutations = {
    setOpportunity: (state, value) => (state.opportunity = value)

i want to show this getter value when this mutation called in another component name Opportunity.vue file. i showed database count values in file name Dashboard.vue

i wrote it like this.

computed: {
  watch: {},
  mounted() {
    //do something after mounting vue instance
    this.$store.watch(() => {
  created() {
  methods: {

and showed my view like this.

<div class="inner">
 <h3>{{ countOpportunity }}</h3>

when api called and count increase shows my mutations. but my view value not updated (countOpportunity). any one can help me to fix this.

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The issue here (most likely) is that the value of response.data is an object or an array. You've initially defined opportunity as '' which is not an observable object or array. You have 2 choices:

Redefine it as an empty object or array, depending on the response:

opportunity: [] // or {}

Otherwise, use Vue.set() to apply reactivity when changing it:

(Vue.set(state, 'opportunity', value))
  • i tried with set opportunity as property. but same as my problem. how can i use vue set
    – kalana93
    Oct 20, 2019 at 17:59

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