I have a dataframe


df=pd.DataFrame([[1,[1, 2]],
               [2,[3, 4]],
               [3,[5, 6,1,1]]],

Another dataframe which has brand names for the brand_id is

df2=pd.DataFrame(list(cars.items()),columns = ['id','brand_name'])

I need to substitute/join on column brand_id so that it gets replaced by brand names from df2:

Output should look like

output image

I tried to split brand_id to multiple columns and then join with df2 but was unable to merge back and also it does not look the right way as values in the list varies.


You can map it directly from cars dictionary using a nested list comprehension and dictionary lookup

df['brand_name'] = [[cars[k] for k in row if cars.get(k)] for row in df.brand_id]

   person      brand_id               brand_name
0       1        [1, 2]             [BMW, HONDA]
1       2        [3, 4]           [HYUNDAI, KIA]
2       3  [5, 6, 1, 1]  [FORD, TESLA, BMW, BMW]
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    worked! Thanks a lot! – grv88 Oct 21 at 1:38

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