Is it possible to specify &paramters=whatever type stuff for <iframe> in CSS?

I want to embed multi-track audio from archive.org. So for example, something like this:

<iframe src="https://archive.org/embed/art_of_war_librivox​&playlist=1​&list_height=200" width="100%" height="200"></iframe>

These bits are easy to do in CSS

.multitrack iframe {
  width: 100%;
  height: 200px;

But what about ​&playlist=1​&list_height=200? Does that have to be done in HTML every time? I want to get it down to just:

<div class="multitrack">
<iframe src="https://archive.org/embed/art_of_war_librivox"></iframe>

I want to embed it on AO3.org, which is extremely stringent about what we're allowed to use. So please no "use this entirely other tool to solve your problem!" this time. If I can't do it with CSS, I'm pretty sure I can't do it at all.


I don't think there is a CSS based solution to your problem.

Your &playlist=1​&list_height=200 is telling the iframed site iself (via GET request) that you want the first playlist and a playlist height of 200px to be rendered.

  • Thanks for an clear, unambiguous answer. Now I can stop wasting my time trying to make it happen :) – Aza Azdaema Nov 8 at 18:57

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