I have a method which converts DataTable to List<T>. It was working fine until I had bit column in my MySql database. It was unable to convert bit value 1 to C# type bool. So I tried to convert it like

Convert.ChangeType(value, prop.PropertyType);

where value is something that database returned and prop in PropertyInfo where value will be assigned.

It worked fine but it broke how enums were added.

e.g. previously I was able to assign integer to enum field but now getting an error

Invalid cast from 'System.Int32' to 'EnumsAndConstants.QuestionType'.

I know one solution could be converting value to type only when TypeCastingException occurs but I don't want exception to occur at all. Is there any concrete solution that work for all types?


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You could check prop.PropertyType.IsEnum in an if statement and use Enum.ToObject like so:

if (prop.PropertyType.IsEnum)
    return Enum.ToObject(prop.PropertyType, value);
    return Convert.ChangeType(value, prop.PropertyType);

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