The input field with vee-validation seemed so slow to type in or everytime i tab to move to another field. i don't have any idea since i've followed the documentations example, this one

I'm using vee-validate version Version 3.x, bootstrap-vue, and.. there are about 20 input fields about to validate in a single file.

What could the possible problems that cause this slow down?

    <div fluid class="animated fadeIn">
        <ValidationObserver ref="observer" v-slot="{ passes }">
            <b-form @submit.prevent="passes(kirim)"> 
                    <b-row align-h="center">
                        <b-col md="12" lg="12">

                            <b-row class="form-group">
                                <b-col md="6" lg="6" offset-md="1">
                                    <ValidationProvider rules="required|numeric" name="telepon_pny" v-slot="{ valid, errors }">
                                            label="Telepon Penyewa"
                                            <b-input-group size="sm">
                                                <b-form-input type="text" 
                                                :state="errors[0] ? false : (valid ? true : null)"
                                                    <b-input-group-append><b-input-group-text><i class="fa fa-phone"></i></b-input-group-text></b-input-group-append>
                                                    <b-form-invalid-feedback id="inputLiveFeedback">{{ errors[0] }}</b-form-invalid-feedback>

                            ... //another input field

                            ... //another input field

                            ... //another input field

                    <div slot="footer">
                        <b-button size="sm" type="submit" variant="primary" class="btn-ghost-*">Submit</b-button>
                        <b-button size="sm" variant="warning" @click="reset()" class="btn-ghost-*">Reset</b-button>
    export default {
        components: {
        data() {
            return {

expected result is there are no lagging issues when i type in an validate activated input field.

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