I've updated Facebook SDK to the latest version with cocoapods:

  • Using FBSDKCoreKit (5.8.0)
  • Using FBSDKLoginKit (5.8.0)
  • Using FacebookCore (0.9.0)
  • Using FacebookLogin (0.9.0)

When Facebook app is installed, LoginManager() callback is not called. When the app is not installed and the browser is used, it works.

let loginManager = LoginManager()
loginManager.logIn(permissions: [.publicProfile, .email], viewController: self, completion: { loginResult in
    switch loginResult {
    case .failed(let error):
    case .cancelled:
    case .success(let grantedPermissions, let declinedPermissions, let accessToken):
        print("\(grantedPermissions) \(declinedPermissions)")

Any idea?

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