I have the requirement to generate a 3D Cartesian Point Cloud from a Spherical Panoramic Depth Map. An example of such a Depth Map is shown below

Panoramic Depth Map

Now, using this image, we can construct a 3D Cartesian Point Cloud using the following algorithm


The paper documenting this algorithm (for use with depth maps from Google Street View is here.

The questions I have regarding this are as follows:

  1. In the orange box, the author is using a 1D array to store the depth map. Is there a "standard way" to generate/reconstruct this 1D array from my 2D bitmap, as it is not clear how this 1D array is constructed initially?

  2. In the green box, the author initializes the variable pos_point, but I don't understand this bracket notation here [x_pos, y_pos, z_pos], is this a vector?

  3. In the red box, you use the variable x, y, w, and h, but these have no subscripts. Are these merely x_depth, y_depth, w_depth and h_depth?

  4. In the blue box I assume that this notation is merely rounding and casting to an integer value, but it is not clear where the w_color comes from?

Any help clarifying the above would be most appreciated. Note, I have contacted the author and got no response.

  • at least for question 2. yes it is a vector and you are scaling each component by the scalar depth. Question 1. is adressed by algorithm1 (but I don't really understand what the algo does). Question 3. Given the term norm I would assume that h indeed refers to h_depth (and so y for y_depth). I would also think that it is not 1-x but w_depth-x_depth (so the fraction (w_depth-x_depth)/w_depth stays in the range [0;1]) – user753642 Oct 21 at 13:16

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